REUM is about helping Ukrainians cope with the ongoing invasion of their country by the Russian Federation military forces.

Our Non-Governmental Organization is small but well organized and determined to provide assistance in various ways: the evacuation and accommodation of refugees looking for a place to stay, the collection of humanitarian aid and the purchase of protective gear for volunteers.

We will also use this platform to update our generous contributors about our efforts.

We will publish stories and reports about the people we have directly helped, the equipment we will provide and exclusive reports of what is going on there.


Gabriel Hardy-Françon

To paraphrase a great French writer: I do not have a drop of Ukrainian blood, but Ukraine runs in my veins.

I have spent 10 years roaming the world, and there is not a nation that impacted me as strongly as this country did. I have lived in Kyiv for 4 years and count among some of my best friends in that enchanting city – some I consider like brothers and sisters.

It was 6 am in France when I found out that the war broke out through a notification on my phone. My heart sunk as I was trying to contact as many of my friends as possible to find out where they were and if they were ok.

I understood that I wanted to do something concrete immediately.

I knew that I wanted to help rescue as many as possible and equip those staying behind to defend a free Ukraine, and, the idea of REUM sprung to mind.

This is my effort to provide an infrastructure whose sole purpose is to sustain people who have lost everything.

Слава Україні! Героям слава!

contact: gab@reum.support

Arman Enokian

The war caught us all by surprise.

My participation in this project was inevitable because I know that Gabriel loves Ukraine and has a big heart. As a designer, I was lucky enough to work alongside him in the past and to help give a strong identity to REUM – as Gabriel and I envisioned it.

The logo consists of a medical symbol and the coat of arms of Ukraine – the trident.

Our logo directly transmits the energy of the NGO and its main mission: to help Ukrainians in the defense of their homeland against the Russian invasion.

contact: arman@reum.support


Even though I don’t have a special relationship with Ukraine, what I saw about this conflict really touched me.

I’m not military, I can’t go there, but I still wanted to help as much as I could.

When I heard that Gabriel was creating an NGO to help people there, I immediately offered my help to make my humble contribution.

I hope that – through this initiative – we can help people and provide clear and accurate information about what is happening there.

contact: tech@reum.support