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Picture and text by Volodymyr Petrov:

Oksana Shlonska, widow of Volodymyr Nezhenets – a Ukrainian soldier who was killed on the February 27 – sits in a car alongside her husband’s coffin before his burial on March 4, 2022 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

They weren’t able to make an autopsy and bury him sooner because morgues are overloaded. Some families even have to keep bodies at home due to the lack of space. Even after the autopsy, they couldn’t arrange a burial in time due to constant shelling of the cemetery.

Volodymyr Nezhenets already fought in 2014, then retired to become a pedo-psychologist. He however joined back the Ukrainian army on the first day of the Russia’s full scale attack on Ukraine to defend his motherland.

Volodymyr was 54, had 3 sons and was soon to become a grandfather.

He was really looking forward to it…

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